The 10 Most Common Mistakes Students Make at College

Learn to read and write English well.

Read, write, and write well.

Make sure your students know how to use the internet.

Use the internet to connect with the world. 

Use it to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Learn about the world, your friends, and the world at large. 

Make sure students understand that the internet is here for a purpose, and that they are a part of a global community.

Make sure students are comfortable with using the internet for everything.

Don’t just have them read, write and understand, but do them something else, too. 

Don’t just teach them how to be good readers and writers.

Teach them to be leaders, and to be creative. 

And finally, don’t just give them an easy job, but also an awesome one.

Be patient with them, but keep them engaged.

Teach what they’re not good at, and what they can learn. 

This will help them stay on track for a job that pays and is rewarding. 

 Be willing to take the time to listen to your students.

Teach that the goal of learning is to learn.