What do dolphins do in their natural habitat?

Ecs English is the official language of the Ecs International dolphin rescue team, and they have been helping people learn it since 2007.

The team’s motto is, “We teach dolphins to speak English.”

Ecs’s website includes the phrase “Dolphin Learning English” on their website, which is the first time a word has been used to describe dolphins in a professional way.

The Ecs team also recently posted a video on YouTube featuring the phrase and asked the public to post videos and comments.

They say the video was meant to “educate the public on the dolphin world” and “encourage people to learn to communicate with dolphins.”

The video includes a short description of how the phrase is used in the natural world.

Here’s what the video says: If a dolphin was in a group and you were asking them for directions, what would they do?

What would you say?

The dolphin would respond with an answer: I am here, so I am there.

The dolphins can respond with words such as “Come” or “What is your name?”

If the dolphins are in a crowd, they will always come out and look around.

What do they do with their tails?

What do you say to them?

They will answer “What?”

They will also go around to find the food.

The word “eat” has been added to the phrase to explain what they do.

This was an interesting twist.

It suggests that the word is an extension of what we have learned about the ocean animals and the dolphins.

Ecs has been active in the ECS Dolphin Education Series for some time, so this video might not have made it past their editors.

The website is currently still up, and the team has posted a couple of more videos on YouTube that have more details about what’s taught in their training.

We are very excited to share the details of our dolphin learning experience with the world.