What are your favourite games, films and books about Vietnam?

Vietnamese students in the United States, particularly those who attend university in the city of Langkawi, are not known for their passion for movies or TV shows.

But as their language skills improve, so will their love of Vietnamese culture.

We were lucky enough to speak to Vietnamese students who, thanks to our university, have an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in film, TV and games, and are working towards the same goal.

The Vietnamese are renowned for their love for music, which is a large part of their culture.

They have a rich musical heritage, including a strong tradition of folk-based singing, folk-dance and kampong-like music.

In fact, Vietnam’s music is one of the world’s most popular exports.

There are over 3,000 musical genres and there are over 20,000 different performers.

Vietnam is also known for its unique, vibrant culture, which has inspired countless other countries in the region.

Here are some of the more popular Vietnamese movies and TV shows:1.

Hoang Hoi Hoi (1955)1.

Hanoi (1972)2.

Daan (1985)3.

Kontrolle (1991)4.

Mee Doi (2003)5.

Kieu Sa (2011)6.

Kien Hoi Chien (2016)7.

Thien Hien (2018)8.

Hai (2018)(via YouTube)9.

Thi Hoang (2015)10.

Hoa Dinh Diem (2011)(via Youtube)