A new epic English textbook comes to the U.S.

The epic English language textbook is coming to the United States from publisher HarperCollins, according to a press release.

“Epic English,” a collaboration between HarperCollins and the London-based English publisher Cambridge University Press, is set to launch on Nov. 18, 2018.

The title is part of a series of new English titles that have been launched in the U, including a new classic novel, “The Great Gatsby.”

The Epic English series will be available for free download in U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Spain-Brasil, the Us., Brazil, Austria, Germany, Canada, France and the Uyghur Republic of China.

HarperCollins will be offering a $100 value to the purchase of the book.

While the book is only available in the United Kingdom, it will be in English, French and Italian on the U U.N. site, as well as in China.