Which is better, Ricky Gervais or Rick Moranis?

Ricky Gellas, one of the most famous voices in British television, has died.

His agent said he died in his sleep, surrounded by his family.

“His family have confirmed that he passed away in his bed in his London home at about 7.20pm on Saturday,” a spokesman for the actor said.

“It was not known at the time if he was receiving treatment.”

The star of such hits as “Doctor Who” and “The Thick of It” died aged 57.

“Ricky has been an extraordinary talent since his early days in the UK, first on TV, and more recently as a stand-up comedian on Comedy Central, where he also played the iconic Professor Wiggin,” the BBC said.

Gelles’ character in the BBC sitcom Doctor Who died on Thursday.

His last show was the 2014 UK tour of the musical.

He also played Dr Stephen Hawking in the 2013 BBC sitcom Sherlock Holmes and has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including the BBC’s Top Gear.

Gells’ agent, Simon Lees, said Gervas was “a huge character actor”.

“His talents as a performer and comedian will live on for generations to come,” he said.