When will we be able to see this new version of the Disney Channel?

Disney Channel is in the midst of a massive rebranding and its first trailer is going to give you a better idea of what the brand’s future may look like.

Here’s the full trailer for the upcoming Disney Channel 2, which is expected to launch sometime in early 2017.

As the trailer shows, the channel will be much more streamlined than its current incarnation, with a lot more content focused on original programming.

It’s also getting a lot of new features in the form of new shows, including “Disney Channel: My First Year,” which focuses on the basics of Disney Channel, and new Disney Channel shows like “My First Year with Disney” and “My Second Year with Walt Disney Animation Studios.”

But it also shows some major changes for Disney Channel as well, as it looks to focus on entertainment, including new shows like Disney Channel: Live: The Journey, “Disney Junior: The Musical” and a new comedy show “Disney XD: The Party Game.”

As for Disney, it has been working on a slew of new programs and features in recent months, and a big part of the new brand’s plan is to keep the channel as fresh as possible.

It is also planning to roll out new content every month, which should help the channel retain its fans, but it’s also looking to push content to the new age of digital and social media.

The channel is also hoping to build a deeper brand identity and better connect with younger audiences.

The channel has also been adding new programming and content, including an all-new Disney Junior series, Disney XD: “The Party Game,” which will explore the growing world of the kids and family audience.

The show is scheduled to debut in early 2018.