What you need to know about flu vaccines – in pictures

Flu vaccines are now available online for free to anyone who can afford them.

But the flu season is still not over, and it is worth remembering that there are still a few more months to go.

The flu vaccine is now available for free online, but it is still unclear what the long-term risks are for some people, and for others the vaccine might be too early.

The Flu Shot has been given to more than 300,000 Australians since it was first introduced in October, but the government says there is still uncertainty about its safety.

The flu shot contains a vaccine containing the virus which causes flu and the other side effects.

It is estimated the vaccine will cover about a third of the population in about a month.

The Government is looking at how many people will be covered, and will decide in the coming months if it is safe and effective for the entire population.

Here are some questions you should ask if you want to know more about flu vaccination: What are the flu shots and where do I get them?

Flu shots are available in the pharmacy or from a pharmacy across Australia.

They cost about $60 for adults, and about $15 for children under the age of 12.

What happens if I miss a dose?

The flu vaccine contains a small capsule that has a tiny amount of the flu virus in it.

If you are ill for more than two days, your flu shot will make sure you get the rest of the shot, but not the flu vaccine.

Is there any chance I could get sick from the flu?

If you have been ill for three days or more, the flu shot can make sure that you do not get the flu again.

But if you have not been sick for more of the day or are at home, the vaccine does not make sure the flu is gone.

If the flu infection is still present, your health team will make you get another shot.

You should call your health or pharmacist to make sure they have all the flu vaccines available for you.

Will the flu jab help or hurt me?

The jab is not a vaccine, but a booster.

It helps protect against flu, and if you get a flu shot you will get a booster shot which will protect against other strains of the virus.

Can I have the flu if I already have a flu vaccine?

No, you will not get a second shot.

It is recommended that people who have had two doses of the jab should not have a third dose until a year later, when the flu risk is higher.

The jab will not protect against the influenza viruses that cause most flu and pneumonia.

If your immune system is weakened after two doses, you may not get all the benefits of the vaccine.