How to improve your English in Memrise

Memrise has a huge range of courses.

Some courses are great for beginners, while others will take you from intermediate to advanced level.

Here are our picks for the best courses for English learning.


Memrise: Learning English Memrise is a free online learning app for students of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Chinese and Japanese.

Learn English with Memrise.

You can also subscribe to the service for free to get access to courses and videos.

1:00 Memrise course: English Membook, an English Memtalks course by the English language blog Memrise, has a range of popular courses including one that teaches you how to read Japanese.

There are also other free courses available for beginners.


Memstalk: Learn Chinese Memstalker is a Chinese language app for beginners to learn Chinese.

You need to have a minimum of 50 Chinese language skills and a maximum of 5 years of experience.

The course is suitable for beginners aged between 10 and 25.


Memtalk: Japanese Memtalker is another Japanese language course, which can be used to learn Japanese grammar and vocabulary.

It can also be used for Japanese language learners, as the app has a Japanese version.


Memcrawler: Learn English in Japanese Memcrawling is an online language learning app that offers the possibility of a comprehensive course in English.

You have to have English and Japanese language skills in the same class.

You also need to know Japanese grammar, vocabulary and other terms in order to learn English.


Memluc: Learn French Memlucc is an easy to use free language learning tool.

It is designed to teach you French grammar, history, vocabulary, history of art, architecture, music, fashion, and more.

It offers an excellent learning experience for English learners.


Memdroid: Learn Korean Memdroids is a simple language learning platform that is available in both English and Korean.

Memdo is an Android app that is a great way to learn Korean.


Mempup: Learn Japanese Mempuppy is a mobile language learning program that is very easy to understand.

You will learn Japanese vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and writing, as well as other words.


Mems: Learn Spanish Mems is a Spanish language learning game for English speakers.

The Spanish version of Mems can be downloaded for free.


Memes: Learn Vietnamese Mems has a Vietnamese version of the Mems app.


Memmogrify: Learn Polish Memmogo is an app that allows you to learn Polish, Russian and other languages.


Mempod: Learn Portuguese Mempod is an English language podcast for English language learners.

It has English language content and it is free.


Mempo: Learn Italian Mempo is a new app for learning Italian, with its English and German language versions.


Memradio: Learn Russian Memradionio is an alternative language learning application for beginners that can be found in many languages.


MemRent: Learn Romanian Memrento is a Romanian language app.


Memshare: Learn German Memshare is an audio language learning site that is great for learning German.


Memtelegram: Learn Turkish Memtello is a German language chat app.


Memtv: Learn Hungarian Memtv is a Turkish language audio and video app.


Memworx: Learn Czech Memwormx is a Czech language chat application.


Memvue: Learn Greek Memvues is a Greek language chat and video service.


Memwave: Learn Croatian Memwave is an interactive language learning service that can also support Italian, Hungarian, and Romanian.


Memtalk: Learn Hindi Memtalk is an Indian language chat service that has been downloaded over 20 million times.


MemTalk: Learn Punjabi Memtalk has been used by millions of people to learn Hindi.


Memthub: Learn Hebrew Memthubb is a Hebrew language app that can teach you to read Hebrew.


Memstream: Learn Tagalog Memstream is an Arabic language chat-app that has over 7 million users.


Memstudio: Begin Japanese Memstudie is an Indonesian language chat that has more than 5 million users worldwide.


Memssi: Learn Dutch Memssis is a Dutch language chat.


MemStash: Learn Farsi Memstash is a Persian language chat, which is also a great learning experience.


Memswatch: Learn Armenian Memswatches is an Armenian language chat with over 50 million users, and also offers a video learning app.


Memy: Learn Swahili Memy is an Afrikaans language chat where you can learn the Afrikaan language.


Membrave: Learn Bulgarian Membravo is an international language chat for students, parents and