The worst of the worst for the NFL preseason…

There are many ways to look at the first preseason game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Miami Dolphins.

The Falcons lost 34-17.

But the most telling statistic is the number of touchdowns given up.

Atlanta gave up 31 touchdowns.

Miami gave up 23.

The Dolphins had only five receivers score touchdowns, but five of those touchdowns came from rookie Jarvis Landry.

On top of that, the Dolphins had just three quarterbacks throw for over 300 yards.

It’s difficult to say what the Falcons’ performance was on Sunday, but they were a very bad team.

If the Falcons lose this game and have to start playing their offense out of the shotgun, they’ll be a very different team.

They could still have a lot of success against the Patriots this week.

New England has won five straight and eight of its past nine games.

They’re coming off a bye, but the Patriots have not lost to the Falcons since Jan. 2, 2016.

Atlanta has not won more than nine games in a season since beating the New Orleans Saints in Week 7, 2018.

If it’s a close game, the Falcons will have to come out with a big game.

If not, it will be interesting to see how they react.

What’s next?

The Falcons’ offense was a disaster for much of the preseason, as they allowed five rushing touchdowns to the Miami defense.

They gave up eight touchdowns to a Miami defense that gave up more than 10 rushing touchdowns in five games.

The Miami defense gave up three rushing touchdowns, and the Falcons allowed a combined four rushing touchdowns.

Both teams played at home this week, with the Dolphins having to travel to Jacksonville, Fla., and the Atlanta team playing in London.

If Atlanta doesn’t win this game, they won’t be able to take on the Patriots for the AFC East title.

The Patriots have the AFC’s third-best record at 8-3, but that doesn’t mean they have a chance to take down the Falcons.

They are a much better team than the Falcons, but this team is just too bad to win.

The most important stat for this game is the total yards allowed.

The two teams combined for 863 yards on Sunday.

That’s the most in a preseason game in NFL history.

It means the Dolphins should be able find a way to score some points against the Falcons in this game.

What do you think?

Should the Falcons win this matchup?

Should they lose?

What do the Patriots think?

Do you think this game will be enough to push the Patriots to the playoffs?

Let us know your thoughts below.