What You Should Know About Australia’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Contest

AUSTRALIA’S ‘DANCE WITH THE STARS’ CANDIDATE has been revealed to be a former contestant on the popular reality TV show.

The 27-year-old from Melbourne was revealed by the broadcaster as the winner of a “Dancing With the Stars” dance competition in which contestants compete in a variety of dance moves including the ‘V-shape’, which is a variation on the ‘U-shape’.

DancingWithStars.com, which is owned by the ABC, said the “Dance With the Star” winner would receive $2 million and a six-figure salary.

The winner was chosen by the judging panel in November and the ABC has not confirmed if it was the contestant who won the competition.

“The ABC is pleased to confirm that the contestant to be crowned the ‘Dance with the Star’ winner will be crowned at a ceremony in Melbourne on March 23,” ABC Australia managing director of entertainment and news, John Curnoe, said.

The Dancing With theStars winner is not the first contestant to win the show.

Australian Idol winner Josh Withers, who won in 2014, was crowned the “winner” in 2016, and Australian Survivor contestant Nicky Campbell is also expected to be the winner.