The new US census is not good for everyone

The United States Census Bureau is preparing to release its latest update to the nation’s population, and it’s expected to include the biggest increases in immigrants in recent years.

The bureau said Tuesday it would release a summary of its analysis of data from the 2011 and 2012 censuses later this month.

The census, which is one of the most-read surveys in the country, will likely be a boost to President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise to reduce the number of immigrants in the United States and wants the bureau to improve its count of the foreign-born population.

Trump and many of his supporters say the foreign immigrants are taking jobs from Americans and that the country is losing jobs to other countries.

Critics have argued that the bureau is biased toward whites, and that it is underreporting the foreign population in the survey.

The censuses are not the only census figures released in the coming weeks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest population estimates Monday, and the Census Bureau said Tuesday that the number who are foreign born will climb by 8 million people.