How to learn English 100 in 90 minutes with our top 5 learning tips

We all know it can be tough to get started learning to speak and write English, and while the amount of material you have to memorize is pretty high, it can still be done in under 30 minutes.

So how much time do you need to spend on learning a language?

Luckily, there’s a ton of resources out there that help you get started, and if you’re looking for a simple way to learn, then you’re in the right place.

Below are the top five learning tips that will make you go from zero to 100 in a short period of time.


Read an entire book.

If you’re just starting out, you can read an entire English book to get up to speed.

You can also check out our list of the best books to read if you want to get you started.


Check out our Top 10 Language Learning Resources to get your feet wet.

If there are any new books that you want, read them.

If they’re a bit old or out of date, check out the latest version and make sure you grab the latest edition of them.


Learn a new word or phrase.

Many of the books on this list focus on new words and phrases that are already in use in the current language.

This can be a good way to keep up with current trends or just start with a new language.


Listen to music.

Music can help you keep up your speed and pronunciation.

Try some of the top music apps out there to help you with your pronunciation.


Check with your local language school.

You might have some friends or relatives that speak a language you don’t.

If so, it’s a good idea to talk to them about learning their language.

They can be more than happy to share information about their language or offer tips on how to improve your English.

If none of these methods help you learn a language quickly, you might be interested in learning more languages through a course or a certification program.

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