How to talk to your parents and grandparents in English? Learn it in this lesson

Here’s how to use the English language, as taught in this video.

In this video, the first of two lessons, the family members and teachers of the kids in the group are joined by the parents of the students in the class.

The family members discuss the child’s background and the lessons, while the teachers provide feedback on the lesson.

As you can see, the parents in the video are very much involved in this project.

They’ve taken a long time to make this project, and they really deserve a lot of credit for doing it.

They have a lot to say about their experience and how they helped their kids learn English.

In my first lesson, I asked the children what they thought they should say.

I asked them how they thought the lesson should be structured, and how much time they wanted to spend discussing it.

As you can imagine, the kids were a bit confused.

The teacher asked them to put their questions in a list.

They did that for the rest of the lesson, and the rest was up to them.

The kids didn’t know what to say and I asked for more questions.

They didn’t understand.

And then the teacher asked, “You’re a child, right?”

The kids looked at each other and said, “Yes, I am.”

They were very grateful.

After the lesson I asked if they were interested in helping me write the lessons.

They said, yes.

The lesson was done and the kids learned it in the time it took them to sit down.

The video was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and was recorded in Spanish.