Why I learned english from the Bible

Posted March 12, 2020 14:30:49I have learned English from the Old Testament from an ancient book, but not all that many books in English have been translated into English.

I am not sure why I chose the Bible, because I was a little lost at the beginning.

I was searching for a Bible that I could read, so I started to look for a good Bible online.

I searched on the internet, but there were only about 20 books that I knew of.

I wanted to read some of these books, and after a while, I found the best ones.

I wanted to learn some of the words in the Old and New Testaments, but I didn’t want to learn too much of them.

So I began reading a lot of books that were not English translations, and I started reading some of them aloud to my students, so they could understand what I was saying.

And I was amazed by how the words were translated from Hebrew into English, because they were written in Hebrew and English.

Then I read the Bible in Hebrew, and then I read it in English, and finally I read Hebrew in English.

And all the words that I had been taught to read in Hebrew are written in English and in English are written.

And it was so clear that I was learning the words, that I thought, I can learn English, too, because all the things that I learned are in English!