Why do Australians use the wrong word to mean ‘thank you’?

Why do Americans use the word ‘thank’ incorrectly when they are trying to express gratitude?

That’s the question asked by a University of Melbourne researcher.

The research was conducted to better understand how Americans use their language to express appreciation.

The team’s aim was to identify the underlying causes of how Americans speak about thanking others.

They found that Americans tend to use words that contain an emphasis on the word and an emphasis to the second syllable.

But the words they use with an emphasis were not necessarily the ones that they think of as being the most appropriate.

Instead, they used words that are used by others, but that are also common in English.

The researchers have identified two main reasons that Americans use this particular language style.

First, it helps them to express their gratitude and to connect with other people.

For example, Americans say, ‘thank my mom for the milk’.

The second reason that Americans may use the ‘thank-you’ word is to convey a feeling of ‘thankfulness’.

Americans tend not to use this word because it has an emotional impact, and because it may be perceived as overly emotional.

Professor Ian Stirling from the University of Manchester said that this word may not have an appropriate impact on others, as it is a form of communication that may be too emotional.

But Professor Stirling said it may also have a negative impact on the language.

‘This could have negative implications for our language learning, for example because it can inhibit our ability to communicate with others,’ he said.

Professor Stirl said that there are two types of English learners: those who learn it by heart and those who practice it by reading, listening to music or other means.

‘What people need to remember is that we’re all different, so we need to learn together.

And we need a language that’s both fun and useful,’ he explained.

Professor Peter Burdett from the Faculty of Communication and Journalism at the University