Why you should use the Google Hangouts app instead of Google+

By Erin T. GennaroA recent study by the Google+ app group found that people in the U.S. spend more time on Google Hangout than Google+.

Google+ Hangouts was launched in December of 2017, and it’s not available for iOS yet.

Google+ Hangout is a great place to get the latest news and conversation from friends, family, and loved ones.

It has a social graph that’s easy to browse through, and the company has made it a lot easier to send messages to your friends.

However, that’s not to say that Hangouts doesn’t still have some issues.

While Google+ has become the go-to social networking app for people in many industries, many users are still stuck with a few issues with the app.

Read moreIf you’re a fan of Google’s mobile apps, you may want to look into switching to the Hangouts for iOS app, which is currently available in beta.

It’s free, and you can find it in the Google Play Store.

Hangouts is a pretty popular app in the mobile space, and is especially popular among millennials and college students.

If you’re one of those, you’ll likely find it to be a much more pleasant experience to use.

It’s possible that Hangout could use some work, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

There are plenty of other apps out there that do similar things for the most part.