WATCH: Watch this year’s MLB games on YouTube

FOX Sports 1 will premiere the first batch of MLB games live and exclusively on the FOX Sports Go app on Thursday, July 19.

The MLB games app, which is available in the US, will offer the following streaming options:Live streaming of the MLB games is available on FOX Sports GO.

In addition, the MLB app will allow users to watch all of the games on-demand via FOX Sports’ MLB.TV mobile app, FOX Sports Insider, FOX Sport Radio, FOX GO, FOX SPORTS NOW and FOX Sports Now.

The app also will include an in-app MLB Shop, where fans can purchase MLB gear and other items for their MLB teams.

In its first year of being available on the app, the app has seen more than 10 million users download it and over 5 million of those are streaming MLB games.

“The MLB app brings fans into the game in a new way, so we are really excited to bring this experience to fans in the future,” said Matt Williams, FOX’s chief marketing officer.

“This app is the next step for us as we continue to push forward our MLB strategy to deliver an incredible product and service to our fans,” he continued.

Fans can also download the MLB App on iOS and Android devices, which can be used to watch live streams of MLB and other MLB games for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The app will also allow users who have not already subscribed to FOX Sports to do so at no additional cost, by purchasing a FOX Sports subscription.

For more information on FOX’s MLB app, go to

The first batch is set to debut Thursday, June 22, with a second round of games slated for Wednesday, July 12.