Students learn to read in English with a new test

NEW YORK — Students learning English in a New York City elementary school are learning a new approach to learning to read and writing.

The New York Daily News reported Monday that students will take a language test to find out if they can read and write, and learn how to write in English.

In the new approach, students will be shown a book and asked to write a short essay about the book.

They’ll then read and rate the essay.

It’s a similar approach that has been used in other New York public schools.

New York City has a large English-speaking population, so it makes sense to use the language test as a way to learn a language, said Laura Stavridis, a teacher at the school, which is located in Harlem.

“When you do it in a classroom, it’s about a learning environment,” Stavramis said.

Stavrides said she’s not surprised the test is taking off.

Students have to take the test to earn a place on the waiting list for a free preschool or kindergarten.

I think that’s the beauty of the test,” Stravridis said, “is that you’re really not just trying to get the kids out of the classroom.

You’re trying to make them better.

“Students in the new program are also learning to play the piano and sing.

The test will be administered by a professional musician, who will be able to play a song that a student is able to sing.

Parents and students will also be asked to rate the teacher on the following four attributes: enthusiasm, enthusiasm for the language, ability to listen and learn, and enthusiasm for teaching.

A second test is scheduled for later this month.