The Netflix Original Series That Can’t Be Seen on TV, Part 2: ‘The Return’

Netflix has released the second part of its series finale to the first part of the series, titled ‘The Returning.’

While the first half of the season is currently airing, the second half is currently not available to stream.

‘TheReturn’ was released in the US on July 12, 2018, but Netflix has yet to officially confirm it for US viewers.

The first part aired on October 31, 2018.

The series will return to Netflix on December 10.

Netflix’s original series slate continues to expand, with the upcoming release of the animated comedy series ‘Arrival’ and the upcoming TV adaptation of the manga ‘Natsuiroki.’

The streaming service has also released ‘Futurama,’ a sci-fi comedy that centers around a group of superheroes who are forced to travel back in time to save the planet.

‘Natsume no Kami’ is the second animated series to air on Netflix, following ‘Nami no Koto.’

Netflix has also begun streaming the English-language ‘Passion,’ the third series in the ‘Pulse’ anthology series.