Meet the new language learning machine that’s going to replace your standard grade 1 textbooks

VINCE DEL AQUINO is a former school principal and a former US president.

He’s been in the spotlight for his political activism and his advocacy for language arts and learning.

He recently created the FluentU language learning platform, which he hopes will provide the next generation of Americans with the opportunity to learn English, Vietnamese and other foreign languages.VINCE has been the subject of a popular TED talk, and has become a viral phenomenon.

In the last few years, he’s spoken at TEDx, hosted a panel at MIT and taught at Harvard University.

The TED talk he shared this week, “The future of learning is language,” became one of the most viewed TED talks on the web.

It was also the topic of a TEDx talk hosted by VINCI DEL A QUINOS on November 4, 2018.

The TEDx talks featured TEDx speakers talking about the potential of language learning and how to build a more efficient learning experience.

VINCHE DEL A RIO, the executive director of the VINCA Foundation, an organization dedicated to education for Latin American peoples, shared his vision for the future of bilingual education.

The program is now being piloted in 11 countries, including Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

VINCENT DEL A VIEZA, the director of VINCOLE, a bilingual program in Colombia, spoke about the need for education in a more bilingual environment.VINCENT, as the official speaker for the VINCID Conference on Language and Education in the U.S. on December 8, 2017, spoke at length about the benefits of bilingualism.

His presentation focused on the potential for the bilingual education system to increase the number of young people who speak and understand another language.

The VINCENDA conference is an initiative to help create a new generation of bilingual educators.

It focuses on the needs of young learners from disadvantaged families and has been hosted in several U.K. cities, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds and Sheffield.

The conference aims to create a global network of bilingual teachers and to provide the opportunity for all young learners to explore their languages in an environment that promotes lifelong learning.VINO LAGERIO, a former secretary of state and a member of the U,S.

Congress, spoke during his talk on bilingual education and how it can empower the next generations of Americans.

He said, “Bilingual education can be an invaluable tool in improving the lives of young Americans.

We need to take it seriously.”

This TEDx video series was produced by VINCINCA and VINCENSA Foundation.

VINO LANGERIO (Director, VINCENSE) and VINO VINCENDERO (Director of VINCENCIA) are the authors of VINO & VINCENE: Bilingual Education for the 21st Century.

The original TEDx is sponsored by VINO DEL A VALORO.

The video series is produced by the TEDx program, VINCENCIA, VINEEL, VINO and the VINEETO Foundation.